Being a SIEL-TE delegate

How they serve their territory

SIEL-TE, what’s that ?

A video presenting the SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire and what it does.

They can’t believe it

“I pressed and off it went”

SIEL-TE, a player in the energy transition

How SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire helps local authorities to improve the energy efficiency of their public buildings.

Connect your home to the THD42 network

Raccorder votre logement au réseau THD42

What is THD42 ?

The fibre optic network being installed by SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire

Guide for a SIEL-TE delegate

Choosing to be a SIEL-TE delegate. Guide for elected representatives of municipalities and inter-municipal bodies.

Appointment of delegates

Election of the President and the Bureau

Modalités d’élection 2020-2026

Désignation des délégués
Élection du Président et du Bureau

Guide délégué.e

Choisir d’être délégué(e) du SIEL-TE. Guide à l’attention des élu(e)s communaux et intercommunaux.

Plein SIEL 62

Events & Call for projects

Plein SIEL 61

Methane projects


A new governance


Loire goes 100% fibre

Plein SIEL 58

Full steam ahead for wood energy

Plein SIEL 57

Solar energy at its zenith

Plein SIEL 56

Street lighting in connected mode