SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire is an inter-municipal public cooperation body (EPCI) created in 1950 to act on behalf of municipalities and their groupings.

SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire pools financial, technical and human resources to meet the needs of its members and support local authorities according to their means. The local authorities that are members of Territoire d’énergie Loire delegate some of their competences to us, such as the management of the public electricity and gas networks. We are the guarantors of the public service.

The member local authorities can also join different optional “competences” on an à la carte basis, depending on their needs. The local authorities thus benefit from technical expertise for their projects whilst retaining their decision-making powers.

SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire is funded by the contributions and participations of its members (local authorities), the fees paid by its concession holders, grants, the FACE electrification subsidy fund, a tax on electricity and other subsidies.

SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire’s annual budget amounts to some €120 million, 70% of which is invested. We carry out almost 30% of the public works in Loire, generating more than 1,000 jobs.

SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire therefore acts, in its areas of competence, as an essential link between the different local authorities in Loire. We are a structure for exchanges, collaboration, sharing and action operating in a coherent way with every branch of local government.