Remote management

How to sign up for the service ?

For the moment, only local authorities that are members of SAGE can benefit from the remote management option.

The local authority must deliberate and sign an agreement with SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire. The authority’s commitment is for the rest of the term of its membership of SAGE.

An optional extra in the energy management assistance service

SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire installs and maintains remote management systems that allow heating, ventilation, indoor lighting, air conditioning, street lighting, domestic hot water, water treatment stations, etc. to be remotely controlled.


Remote management allows control of the installations, instant monitoring and management of the operation of the system. All that is needed is a computer to set up a schedule based on the hours when the premises are occupied.  Remote management therefore helps to limit energy consumption and improves user comfort.

The equipment is installed by SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire acting as the contracting authority. A syndicate technician will do the studies and organise the necessary work within a timeframe decided with the local authority.

All that is needed is an internet connection in the building or nearby.
SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire also maintains the equipment until the end of the membership. The technician, after training the (inter-)municipal staff to use the equipment, can also monitor the installation’s operation remotely and intervene if necessary.


On average, the remote management equipment for one building, such as a village hall, costs about €8,000. The local authority can choose to pay for the equipment in one go or spread its reimbursement to SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire over the duration of its current membership. The contribution then includes this participation by the local authority and the maintenance costs (€200 per site, plus €1 per point monitored on each site).


The maintenance option includes one visit to the site per year, the modification of the programme or its improvement and the updating of the remote management software. At the end of the agreement, SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire checks that the installation is operational and brings it up to standard if need be.

Eventually, two possibilities are offered to the local authority :

  1. It becomes the owner of the installation and manages it completely itself.
    2. It signs up for the “maintenance of a remote management system” as part of their SAGE membership.